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What is Me Biosciences working on:

    • Immune Support
      • There has never been a time where addressing immune effectiveness and disorders has been more important than right now. In the midst of a global pandemic, we are all realizing the importance in having optimal immune resilience. At Me Biosciences, we recognize this need and have been working with doctors that are using the latest science and research to develop a daily immune resilience formula that is designed to reduce the impact of attacks on the immune system.  
    • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) 
      • Whether it be from a concussion, a fall, car accident, blast injury, etc., many individuals suffer from TBI, some may not even know or show the signs. The long-term impact of a TBI can be very serious and at Me Biosciences, we understand the need for an individual to have optimal brain functionality. Through work with doctors and the latest science and research, we are working on a daily formula that will aid in the natural healing of the brain, thus reducing the symptoms an individual may be suffering.  
    • Gut Health
      • The key to many health issues may lie in your gut microbiome, which is the bacteria and other microorganisms in the stomach and intestines. Studies and research show the importance a healthy gut has on an individual's overall health. At Me Biosciences, we have recognized this as an area where we can have a great impact on the health of those around us. Through work with doctors, we are working to create a supplement formula that will reset our gut microbiota to a happier, more diverse state, thus improving your overall health. 
    • Skin Health
      • Skin health starts with gut health, and we believe in attacking the source of problem sets rather than providing band aid solutions. By understanding the role the gut plays in skin health, we are able to identify how to address various problem sets like acne and psoriasis. Working with our team of doctors and using the latest science and research, we are developing supplement formulas that will address skin health issues plaguing so many people worldwide.