Clean Sweep Body Wipes

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Sweat, grim, and dirt remover.

No time to shower up after a sweaty practice or big win? Before putting on your street clothes and strutting out of the gym or stadium, use isplack® Clean Sweep™ Body Wipes to leave the locker room feeling fresh—and smelling clean. Toss these pre-moistened body wipes into your gear bag to get a clean sweep anytime you need it, and confidently transition from workout to dinner to your next activity. It’s your active lifestyle. Go. We got you covered.
    With 10 extra-large, extra-thick wipes in every resealable pack, isplack® Clean Sweep™ Body Wipes contain moisturizing aloe vera and Vitamin E, as well as a soothing blend of chamomile, cucumber, oat, and marshmallow extract to ensure smooth, soft skin. Plus, they’re American-made using solar energy, so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your body.
    •       Hypoallergenic
    •       Oil free
    •       Scented (cucumber/baby powder) or fragrance free
    •       Alcohol free
    •       Paraben free
    •       Gluten free
    •       Vegan
    •       Non-GMO
    •       Cruelty free
    •       Made in the USA